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Hey there, I'm new. 
10:40am 21/05/2005
mood: drunk
Meh, I'm new to this particular community and honest to God, new to LiveJournal itself as well. I don't see much posting activity here, but the simple fact that this is a community about the use of numerous forms of intoxicants quite appeals to me. I suppose for the sake of keeping with the theme, it would be recommended for me to inform everyone that I have consumed approximately eight shots of this weird Russian vodka before I smoked a few bowls of marijuana. Needless to say, I am quite intoxicated and will undoubtedly be going to bed soon.

Oh, yeah, by the way, nice meeting all of you. Or something.

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06:13pm 07/04/2005
  go here it is so much fuckin fun

11:25pm 04/03/2005
  hey im genna do dex this weekend. i love dex but im comptimplating using dxm freebase powder for the first time. is it worth the extra effort to get the free base powder?  
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02:08am 23/01/2005
  well beat mka anoither time right now we just need to sholve out of the snow. jacquies party got canclelled and i had a bottle of robo that i had bot so i drank that i am pretty messed up right now. when i tried to get off my bed i jusat kept on falling down and it was hilariio0us then i tried to dance to music but i just kept on faling down. realty bored wanna chat with someone but noone i like is on i'll probaly go in a chat room i haven't been in one in a while right no im listening to deepsky talk like a stranger on music choisce nexty up is stardust music sounds better with you  
10:21pm 21/01/2005
  my friend was tellin me today about this guy who took 3060 mg of dex! he started of by takin like 300 but he didn't know that it took like an hour to kick in so he started to take more and more until he had eventualy taken 3060! he could hardly remember the trip all that he says he rememebers is that he fell on the ground and thought that his carpet smelled weird and then he saw nothing but darkness and could hear a voice that told him never to do this much ever again! the fucker heard god bitches! when he woke up he had lost 40 pounds just from sweeting! he reached the fifth plateau! he said that he could slowly feel himself rising up plateaus! this shit is insane!  
09:39pm 20/01/2005
mood: hyper
Im new here i started to drugs like a month ago and i've mostly done a lot of pot but i discovered robo on new years eve and i love it i do all the robo i can, this saturday i'm genna get fuckin smashed as shit on robo, weed, and mad vodka, im 15 and i love robo love love love!
06:58pm 18/01/2005
  wow... i created this community forever ago.... i'm fucked up right now.... really fucked up.

on robo and corcidin.... you going to make biscuits?

nice to see its has expanded... a little... i guess... we need more people in here.... jeez this is crazy
omg... i don't remember being this fucked p

to you my jen

to the old times

with a jen
02:16am 05/01/2005
  I have a request for the partyers out there. Tonight, me and some friends came up with this idea. I called everyone in my phonebook (on my cell) and left a message/ told the person if they picked up

This is drunken email tag and YOU ARE IT.
Your instructions are: to get really drunk and leave at least one drunken voicemail on a friend's home telling them that they are it and to call someone.
and hung up.

So, my request to all of you...
Please, wait a week, and if you receive a drunken voicemail, please comment here, because I want to know if it spread. If you haven't received a voicemail in a week or two, consider yourself it NO CALLBACKS!


08:48am 24/10/2004
  I just got off a three day drug binge. Before I got to college, all I really did was smoke a hell of a lot of weed and pop a lot of percs, adorol, hydrocodones and the like. This summer, I was really into coriciden until one day I took twenty and tripped my balls off and almost died. It was a hell of a trip though. I've done coriciden a few times since (here at school) but my last time I only took ten but I woke up late the night soaked in sweat and shivering. Still, I love drugs. A few nights ago, someone gave me a pill she said was like adorol only a little stronger. It ended up being speed, I was grinding my teeth and I couldn't stop moving. I had about 17 shots of vodka, a forty, and a few more beers, didn't puke though. Then we had already packed at least 9 bowls and smoked a few blunts and I had just taken a hit off the latest bowl when the kid said "oh, by the way, that's laced with PCP." so my friend Joey and I were kinda freaked out and were trying ot figure out if he's serious, and finally the kid said never mind, it's not, don't worry about it but Ithink it was just to make us feel better because I remember feeling like it was an amazing high, but the next thing I really remembebr is Isabelle telling Joey and I we hadnn't moved a muscle for the past 3 hours. I'm thinking of trying ectsacy, last night they had some but after three days of not sleeping I crashed right before we got the pills. What's that like? does anyone here recommend it? They want me to try coke this coming weekend. I'm debating because I really don't want to get hooked and I've never blown a line before. do you guys think I should? or even if I can do it only once? thanks!  
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03:19am 28/08/2004
mood: high
i am sooo hight i took coricidin and im trying to type on the comp its nit woring that well well ok byeweee
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09:30am 18/08/2004
mood: high
Hey i just joined my name is Kendra and i am 15 i will be 16 oh saturday woot woot...my fav drugs are coricidin and weed i do weed almost everyday its great...and coricidin, i love the feeling it gives me its great...so anyone feel free to add me or comment....peace <33333
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12:28am 08/08/2004
mood: high
it was violation. she liked it .it gave her a sense of belonging. the veiled man smiled his eyes at her. dripdripdrip. it was a violation of human rights, any passerby would have glared or called the police. little reddish vials dotted her blanket, each capsule another mark to add to her wall of self esteem. her longest lasting amour would outlive her.
but later it would soon turn cold.
they raised themself alone in dark bedrooms with symphonies that no other human was meant to understand

i dont even know if this makes sense nor have i the energy or will to go thru it again. it is so short. idont know. how do i feel about this? i want to like it. but i can see its lameness seep through :/
10:15pm 26/07/2004
  rather 20 bucks wortH of 211 or two 24 packs?  
03:26pm 16/06/2004
mood: okay
hello I'm new. My name is Megan I'm 15. I only do coke and weed and i drink a lot but thats okay.
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03:03pm 27/02/2004
mood: high
man, the other night i got so fucked up off of endust that i passed out and hit my head on the side walk. bloodbath, but still it was funny as hell. see what happens when you have spent all your money on 'real' drugs- you gotta turn to the computer cleaners... <3 carra.
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06:49pm 13/02/2004
  I joined yesterday and i wrote down my story but somehow it didn't show up ;;

I'm iris and i'm 15. from the netherlands and i'm a little addicted
i love cigerttes & hash & cocaine (but its eeexxpensive)
and alcohol
here we don't have things like coricidin but there are lots of other things to try and its friday the 13th too and im so wasted right now
byebye xoxo
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07:11pm 12/02/2004
mood: content
this community is dead!!! tell people about it or something plz!! lol
09:55am 12/02/2004
mood: uh huh...
well i have been comenting on peoples posts and i guess i decided to write one of my own. i did coricidin for about 4 weeks starait. it was insane. everyday at school i would be completely tripping out. i loved the stuff. but then i founf out i could be pregnent and i still did it. by the time i stopped eating everything except pills. i still didnt care. i got suspended and then my parents found out. they took me to the hospital andall the docters had to say was that i had an eating dissorder. ugh, so yea. i guess im fine now. about a week later i got xpelled and i stopped cold turkey. it was really bad. but now i got exceppted back in...and i am gonna do my first trip in a week....tomorrow. i cant wait i love it!
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04:42pm 09/02/2004
mood: crazy
hey i found this community and i thought it was cool so i decided to join. i basically do every drug except for crack. i smoke a lot of pot and since i dont have a job i just steal coricidin like everyday and do it all the time and im addicted. well hmm thats all...peace
04:14pm 05/02/2004
  silly question, but can you crush up coricidin and snort it? if so, would you still need the same about of powder as you would pill form?  
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